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Several Tips to Make Your Picture Looks Outstanding Illustration - Tips Photography (Photo: Doc TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESPONOROGO, JAKARTA – A good picture has become a major need for those who love some photography. But do you know that there are certain ways that could make the composition of your picture looks outstanding?

According to Himdam Basith Rafiqi, a professional photographer, a good photograph is depend on the light. "Photo means light. So to get a good picture you need a good lighting," Rafiqi said.

In addition, he also stated that an eye catching color could also help you to get a shot. This technique will help you aim your focus on the main objects and give you less attention to the other stuff.

Furthermore, he also stated about the rule of third. It's where you should meet "the rule of thumb" or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images.

"Rule of third is good to be used but you may break the rule especially when you think the objects is so much better when its placed in the center of the picture," he added.

The last but not least, and could be the easiest way, he also said that you need to cheat with lines and geometry to get the best shot and to make your picture looks outstanding. (*)

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