Often Doubtful, This Is Not a Lucky Day for Scorpio

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Often Doubtful, This Is Not a Lucky Day for Scorpio The unluckiest zodiac horoscope by Tiara Rekuh Jagad, a tarot reader. (PHOTO: Exclusive)

TIMESPONOROGO, JAKARTAScorpio often filled with many considerations. Without consideration, Scorpio will not be able to solve any doubt they have. Too bad, it brings bad luck to Scorpio today.


Career is in good condition and it will improve slowly. But, for its doubtful nature, Scorpio will have a hard time to improve. Too much consideration for any risk possibilities will limit the ability to improve optimally and someone less competent than Scorpio could end up taking over this opportunity.

"Scorpio tends to think over almost anything, that is good to get the best options in life, but it will bring you a massive drawback if you do it too much," said Tiara Rekuh Jagad, a tarot reader (8/4/2020).


Scorpio can be frugal, but there is also a tendency to be wasteful. It is recommended for Scorpio to get any good tips on how to decide when they should spend their money. This way, Scorpio can balance their income with the amount that they spend.

"Especially during this coronavirus pandemic, it must be very stressful for Scorpio. But still, be very careful whenever you spend your money," said Tiara.


Tiara explained that Scorpio’s romance is always close to doubts and confidence. Scorpio is a good partner for the capability to adapt to everyone in any situation. On the other hand, Scorpio needs to avoid any doubts and confusion on any uncertainties.

"This applies to all Scorpio, both single and couples. Share your doubt with your partner, don’t overthink by yourself," Tiara explained.


Scorpio will also get a hard time having a tight sleep caused by any doubts in life. Tiara recommended that Scorpio need to get vitamins and maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Although it may be hard to fall asleep, Scorpio can keep their eyes healthy by not using the cellphone for too long.

"Stay motivated for all Scorpio, especially during this pandemic," she said.

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