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How to Wake Up Early? Illustration – waking up early in the morning gives you more energy and chance to get a better fresh oxygen out of pollution. (PHOTO:

TIMESPONOROGO, JAKARTA – Have you ever felt like there is a glue in your eyes in the morning? Or something fallen right on top of your body that prevent you to get up of your bed? Or maybe, your blanket won’t let you go? Well, that happens, to almost everyone in this world. Wake up early is such a hard thing to do, right?

Yet, there are always some reasons that prevent you from waking up early in the morning, and most of them are your bad traits before you gone to bed and close your eyes. Check these reasons who knows you might have these bad traits before you sleep.

1. Eating before you sleep

Eat something heavy late at night could make you have less energy when you wake up. And that could also become a reason why you are unwilling to leave your bed and just choose to sleep in. so, if you really hungry, it’s better for you just to have an apple or some other to consume at night.

2. Too much having fun with your gadget

Some people will leave their phone or tablet even their television on to watch them snoring. Little did they know, it’s such a bad thing to do since it will affect your quality of sleeping. It will also make you have lees energy by the time you wake up. Try to make your bedroom dark and quiet while you sleeping and maintain your bed time so your body will know when the time they need to rest and relax.

3. you have your alarm on your nightstands

Well, putting your alarm on your nightstand will make you just hit the snooze button by the time its ringing. Try to put it somewhere a little far beyond your reachable distance so you will try to reach it and wake up by the time you hear it ringing. And remember, don go bac to your bed after you turn it off.

4. Dehydrated and or too much water

Well, either dehydrated or too much water before you sleep could be a disaster for you who willing to wake up early in the morning. Dehydrated will make you have less energy in the morning. And too much water before you sleep could affect your sleeping quality for you will be waking up for potty at night.

The best thing to do is just drink a glass of water before you sleep to keep your body hydrated and to get a good sleep so you will be able to Wake up early in the morning. (*)

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